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With a large selection of tools and accessories, including test meters, joint filers, electrical, work lights, safety goggles and more, we have you covered. Whatever be your need -- replacing a wall switch, adding a ground fault interrupter (GFCI) switch in goggles, a kitchen or bathroom, or installing a new ceiling fan, we have the selection of electrical tools and accessories to get the job done quickly and correctly. With an extensive collection of safety equipments and other tools to help you stay safe from injuries and danger.

Electrical Tools

Strip away the wiring or solder the wires and make new paths for electricity with cutting edge electrical tools that get the job done. Be it an electrical tester meter or insulation tapes to cover the loose wirings, our stores are stocked sufficiently for all your needs.

Plumbing Tools

Cut, bend, flare, ream and clean pipes and fittings to your wishes with plumbing tools that are cost effective and long lasting.

Hardware Tools

Bolt the bolts, screw the screws and hammer those nails with hardware tools that make your jobs a breeze. Tools from International brands like BOSCH, Black & Decker will help you solve those tricky problems in an instant.

General Tools

Every tool that you’ll ever need are in our hands, be it the ordinary plier or a complex driller with state of the art drill bits that can change the way you work, our collection of well-designed and high quality general tools will make your jobs easier than ever before.

Safety Kits

Stay safe from hazardous situations and stay protected with the safety gears from brands that care about the safety and well-being of the technicians who spent their day in dangerous situations. From safety goggles to helmets, we’re here to help.

Car Wash

Wash your cars with the latest power hoses or clean those muddy tyres and hard to reach places of your vehicles with tools to keep you sweat free and clean as you clean your car.