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Home Automation


Picostone is a startup based in Mumbai. We are a young and passionate team from diverse fields with a common mission to automate every home in India. We believe in delivering an affordable product range with fabulous user experience to have meaningful impact in your life.

Apart from engineering some amazingly user friendly products, we are working towards making an ecosystem pillared around some really great hardware, software and artificial intelligence systems to give our customers the best automation experience that is out there.

We believe in 'Make in India' and all our products and technologies are engineered, designed and developed in India.


Home automation is a step toward what is referred to as the ‘Internet of Things’. Control nearly everything from surveillance cameras, lights, cooling systems to doors and blinds with a remote in the palm of your hands.

We have partnered with highly-renowned home automation experts like Cubical, Schneider and Legrand who share our vision and passion for smarter living and smarter homes, we work together to provide comfort and safety in a smart way.

Create the smart home of your dreams, without burning a hole in your pocket.

With home automation you can

  Enjoy comfort, convenience and safety like never before.

  Track electricity consumption of each device in real-time & collect this data for further analysis

  Switch on/off all your electrical appliances with your Smartphone from anywhere.

The Basic

This little box of magic compactly fits behind your switchboard and lets you control your appliances over the cloud.

Basic can simultaneously control any four devices that follow our technical specifications. These include your tubelights, fans, dimmable and non-dimmable LEDs, too!

Give us 15 mins for installing Basic at your place, feed your phone internet, switch on your home Wifi, and Voila! You get to control your devices from wherever you are in the world with your smartphone.

Basic also provides for you, the usage statistics of your appliances so you can schedule your device to its best possible performance while also monitoring it.

Product Features

Control from anywhere:

From anywhere around the globe, distance isn’t enough to keep your devices out of reach

Dimmable devices:

Regulators are now in your palm. Control the speed, brightness, volume and temperatures of appliances; your phone is your global remote.

No change in aesthetics:

Except the burst of bliss and smarter environment, nothing changes. Our pocket-sized devices do their efficient jobs undercover.

No rewiring required:

It’s just upgradation to betterment, no need to touch-up on your existing circuitry.

Set up moods:

You deserve to play along with your mood-swings sometimes. Rediscover your place by changing the ambience at your whim.


Feel safe with us. You can decide who can control your devices and only they can.

Save money smartly:

Tap your device to its best potential and step down on expenditure.

15 minutes installation:

We won’t stay long at your place. Give us 15 mins per device and it’ll be worth it.

Usage statistics:

Monitor the performance and usage of your appliance. Schedule it according to yours.


The next time you have to look for the remote to switch on your AC, TV, don’t. The Polar is at your service.

Polar is as teensy as a charger, just way smarter. It knows to adjust to your needs, or even your wants.

Experience the warm (we mean cool) welcome of your house when you step in. Pre-cool your home or office from any part of the world, which is in the network coverage area.

Adaptive temperature and humidity control in your air conditioner, will make you want to leave your cozy room, never. Moreso, it can schedule your appliances and hand you the usage statistics as well.

The Polar also controls your TV, Set top boxes, audio systems and any other remote controlled(IR based) devices, It also learns your remotes just incase it isn’t familiar with its operations.

It’s time you upgrade the brains of your appliance and save more than just money.

Product Features

Experience unbroken sleep:

Sleep like a baby with our adaptive temperature control.

Pre cool your home/office:

Step into the temperature of your choice after a long tiring day.

Learns preferences:

Your devices learn your choices and behave well to please you.

Control from anywhere:

From anywhere around the globe, distance isn’t enough to keep your devices out of reach.

Simply plug and use:

Simply annex Polar and configure it with your phone. That’s it. Plug-and-play!

Hassle free:

No rewiring required. Simple installations and control.

Flexibility (works for all Remote controlled devices):

You have devices with remotes? That’s all you need for an upgradation.

Adaptive scheduling(Using temperature and humidity sensors):

Your AC senses the atmosphere and adapts to it to give you the ultimate cozy experience.

A Smart Learner :

It has a built in Learner that allows it to learn any Remote control and add to its database.

Save money smartly:

Tap your device to its best potential and step down on expenditure.

Picostone Mods

Picostone, introduces a modular Smart Home System. With the Basic as a stand alone device by itself and mods that connect to it to give the user the control more devices as per their wish.

These mods are extensions that can be connected to the basic to control devices with higher voltage ratings.

The modules include

Plug point controller - This module controls the plug points up to 5A of current rating, and with advanced algorithms applied, the use cases with this module are really interesting and useful. For example, you could cut off the supply if your phone is charged to a 100% and hence improve battery life.

Curtain controllers - This module controls the motions of a curtain

Heavy controller - THis module controls devices which are have a current rating higher than 5A(upto 25A), which includes, Geysers, motors and the likes.

Energy monitoring

A small device that sits right on your main supply line of your room and monitors your the energy consumption of your room.

Product Features

Real Time Analytics:

Know your devices, and the exact power they use on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Notifications and Controls:

Get notified in case of any anonymous behavior observed on your device, and instantly act on it.

Smart Bill management:

Track bills and the amount each device contributes to the bill. Also get suggestions on optimal usage to reduce bills.

Machine learning and AI:

Improved user experience and optimized usage suggestions for each device based on past usage patterns and statistics.