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The devil is in the details, when it comes to hinges and bolts our collection of high quality, competitively priced products will make sure all your needs are met. Hardware from renowned brands like Godrej, doset and spider will let you close doors and cabinets without fear. With hardwares to suit all lifestyles and budgets from the most economy to luxury, you'll be dazzled by all of the fabulous choices available to you.

Door Handles

Designs that make even an ordinary wooden door stand out, our collection of door handles will make your day. Be it a traditional design, a materialist design or a piece of art that can be used as a handle, we have it all, and in great numbers.

Tower Bolt

Gone are the time when bolts were used just to lock the doors and huge French windows. They become a part of design the moment they’re fixed. The unending designs available at Ceeyem from International and National brands will makes sure that those french windows that display the grandeur of your home stay bolted.

Locks & Accessories

Safety comes in new designs and great prices at Ceeyem. From the elegantly crafted ‘Manichithra thaazhu’ to the ornamental accessories that take doors to a traditional route and to the modern contemporary designs that does not shy away from the Minimalistic approach of the architects.

Door Accessories

Make your doors standout from the rest of the designs that reign your home. Our door accessories are of superior quality and have stood the tests of time. Enjoy brilliant designs that will make everyone fall in love with the magnificent designs of your doors.

Lock Knobs

Lock knobs serve the purpose of being the middleman, providing both design and functionality in its minor yet deserving way. Remarkably secure and stylish designs in high numbers, from International and national brands are abundant in our hands.

Digital Door Security

Forgetting to lock your door as you leave for your work place will be a thing of the past, with the state of the art digital door securities. Designs and technology from brands that care about security and safety of its customers, peace of mind – guaranteed.