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With high safety stock level, we offer a just in time service that is just right for you. Having developed an excellent relationship with our suppliers over the years, we can now provide all kinds of electrical components with no delay.

We offer a large range of brands at competitive prices, and our experienced employees are always on hand to offer advice. Know what your house requires and buy accordingly to save yourself from unnecessary expenses and enjoy peace of mind.

Fans & Coolers

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From the basic 3 leafed ceiling fan to the magnificent attention seeking designs that adorn the ceilings as jewels, our collection of fans and coolers will help you through the summer nights and sweaty afternoons.

Ceiling Fans
Wall Fans
Pedestal Fans
Table Fans
Exhaust Fans
Designer Fans

Safety Devices

Quality safety devices from international brands like Schneider, will protect your electrical wiring from overheating and catching fire. Circuit breakers that “trip” to save your wiring and homes from a dangerous electrical fire.

Main Switch
Load Breakers
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Conduits & Fittings

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The reliability of every electrical system is based on its conductors and conduit systems which provides the ultimate safe passage to wires, even in the most challenging of situations and occasions.

Conduits LHS
Conduits MHS
Conduits HMS
Circular Box
Bush Adapter

Switches & Accessories

Simplistic switches that do the job or materialistic designs that radiate the overall theme of the home to the majestic glass designed switches that say a lot without uttering a single word, Ceeyem has everything in store for you.

Acoustic Modules
Com. Modules
Hotel Modules
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Wires & Cables

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Our vast collection of Wires & Cables from leading brands like Havells, Finolex makes sure that your wiring needs don’t leave you all riled up. Flame retardant and highly isolated Industrial cables will keep your homes and businesses safe.

Single Core
Data Cables
Building Wires
Power Cables

Earthing Solutions

Soaring voltages and energy fluctuations can leave your Electrical equipment like a fridge, a glorified storage cupboard. Take precaution with state of the art quality Earthing solutions from brands that push the boundaries of research and development in their field.

Earth Rod
Copper Legs
Copper Rods
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